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Topics in Chadic Linguistics V has appeared

Posted by useibert on Friday, June 12, 2009

Currently, the Fifth Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL) is taking place in Leipzig. Yesterday, Rüdiger Köppe (left) arrived and brought a box containing the conference volume of BICCL 4, which has just appeared. Eva Rothmaler (right) has edited this publication. Here is more information about the book:

Eva Rothmaler (ed): Topics in Chadic Linguistics V (Chadic Languages Volume 6) 2009, 185 pages, 1 map, 7 screenshots, numerous tables and charts.  ISBN 978-3-89645-525-3.



S. Allison
Derivation of the PAM System of Makary Kotoko

H. Andreas, R. Leger & U. Zoch
The Nyam Language – First Steps toward a Grammatical Description

A. Awagana & D. Löhr
Loanwords in Hausa: Results from the Loanword Typology Project

G.C. Batic
Imaginative Dimension and Experiential Constructions in Hausa and Bole

V. Blažek
All Chadic Lakes

R. Blench & A. Ndamsai
An Introduction to Kirya-Konzəl, a Central Chadic Language of Eastern Nigeria

D. Ibriszimow, V. Porkhomovsky & V. Sheshin
AAKTS Database and KinShIP Computer Programme for Processing Afroasiatic Kinship Terms and Systems

D. Ibriszimow & B. Zulyadaini
I Think what You Think. An Evaluation of L1 and L2 Hausa Cognitive Structures

B. Mai Bello
Hausa Language and the Perception of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

J.N. Philip
Tone on Lagwan Verbs: The Conflict between Perceptual Prominence and Lexical Contrast

J.S. Roberts
Palatalization and Labialization in Mawa (Eastern Chadic)

O. Stolbova
Plurality in Chadic: Some Active and Frozen Models.

H. Tourneux & A. Mahamat
Les marqueurs relatifs dans les langues dites « kotoko »

H.E. Wolff
Another Look at “Internal a” in Chadic

G. Ziegelmeyer
Between Hausa and Kanuri: On the Linguistic Influence of Hausa and Kanuri on Bade and Ngizim

Ordering the book from Koeppe

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