Topics in Chadic Linguistics V has appeared

Currently, the Fifth Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL) is taking place in Leipzig. Yesterday, Rüdiger Köppe (left) arrived and brought a box containing the conference volume of BICCL 4, which has just appeared. Eva Rothmaler (right) has edited this publication. Here is more information about the book:

Eva Rothmaler (ed): Topics in Chadic Linguistics V (Chadic Languages Volume 6) 2009, 185 pages, 1 map, 7 screenshots, numerous tables and charts.  ISBN 978-3-89645-525-3.



S. Allison
Derivation of the PAM System of Makary Kotoko

H. Andreas, R. Leger & U. Zoch
The Nyam Language – First Steps toward a Grammatical Description

A. Awagana & D. Löhr
Loanwords in Hausa: Results from the Loanword Typology Project

G.C. Batic
Imaginative Dimension and Experiential Constructions in Hausa and Bole

V. Blažek
All Chadic Lakes

R. Blench & A. Ndamsai
An Introduction to Kirya-Konzəl, a Central Chadic Language of Eastern Nigeria

D. Ibriszimow, V. Porkhomovsky & V. Sheshin
AAKTS Database and KinShIP Computer Programme for Processing Afroasiatic Kinship Terms and Systems

D. Ibriszimow & B. Zulyadaini
I Think what You Think. An Evaluation of L1 and L2 Hausa Cognitive Structures

B. Mai Bello
Hausa Language and the Perception of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria

J.N. Philip
Tone on Lagwan Verbs: The Conflict between Perceptual Prominence and Lexical Contrast

J.S. Roberts
Palatalization and Labialization in Mawa (Eastern Chadic)

O. Stolbova
Plurality in Chadic: Some Active and Frozen Models.

H. Tourneux & A. Mahamat
Les marqueurs relatifs dans les langues dites « kotoko »

H.E. Wolff
Another Look at “Internal a” in Chadic

G. Ziegelmeyer
Between Hausa and Kanuri: On the Linguistic Influence of Hausa and Kanuri on Bade and Ngizim

Ordering the book from Koeppe


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