Chadic Newsletter was founded more than fifty years ago. The first issue, an extremely simple mimeographed leaflet, appeared in March 1970, soon after the West African Linguistic Society meeting held in Abidjan where a newly founded Chadic Working Group entrusted Herrmann Jungraithmayr with the task of creating and editing a newsletter dedicated to research in the field of Chadic languages and linguistics.

22 issues of Chadic Newsletter were produced, each being distributed to ca. 130 colleagues and/or institutions in the whole world. The Editor-in-Chief, Herrmann Jungraithmayr alone deserves the credit for developing the five pages leaflet into an important and up till now the only forum of exchange and source of information in the field of Chadic linguistics. For his work we owe him our deep appreciation.

The new editors of Chadic Newsletter have decided to continue the established tradition making use of a new means of communication — the Internet. Publishing Chadic Newsletter Online in the form of a weblog allows us to share information more quickly. For this, we need your collaboration: Send us details about your own research, conference papers, publications, word lists, recordings, reviews, websites or anything else on Chadic you find interesting and want to share.

On our contact page you find details about how to reach us.

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