A Grammar of the Kilba Language

Very little has been published so far on Kilba, a Chadic language spoken in Adamawa State of Nigeria, the closest relative of which is Margi. Soon, a  publication on Kilba will appear at LINCOM Europe. Here are some details which the author of the book, Dr. Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu, has sent me:

SAL 76: A Grammar of the Kilba Language

ISBN 9783895866654. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 76. 198 pp. 2009. Price: EUR 63,00
Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu
University of Bayreuth
The book describes some linguistic aspects of Kilba. As a preliminary to the main discussion, the geographical location of Kilba land, the culture and dialects of the Language are highlighted. The book then describes the Phonology, Morphology and Syntax of the Language. On phonology, the book treats the sound system, phonological processes and the tonal system of the language.

The section on Morphology treats, in part, nominal and verbal morphology of the language. On the nominal, the book treats nouns, adjectives, pronouns and adverbs, while the verbal morphology discusses the derivational and inflectional aspects of the verbs. Finally, concerning syntax, the book treats the various constituents that make up the two phrases: nominal and verbal. The book reveals the nature and restrictions that occur in the usage of the lexical items in the two phrases. Each of the items that occur in both the phrases are spelt out and phrase structure tree diagrams of some of the sentences are drawn and phrase structure rules are also established in order to show how the constituents are hierarchically related.

Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu holds a PhD in General Linguistics from the University of Maiduguri, where he is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Languages and Linguistics. The book was written during his tenure as lecturer in the Department of African Studies (Afrikanistik II), University of Bayreuth, Germany (2008 – 2010). He has also published articles on various linguistic aspects of the Kilba language in international journals of languages and linguistics.

11 thoughts on “A Grammar of the Kilba Language”

    1. Adamu, I am please to inform that the Book author was my project supervisor. He is an Associate Professor presently in the Dept of Languages and Linguistics University of Maiduguri. I reviewed the book in chapter two of my project. I tell you that the book is interesting it contain a lots expecially on the historical origin of Kilba. U may wish to get in touch with Prof .Dr. Muazu I know he will allow you to photocopy relevant section that you may wish to read.

      wish you the best


  1. I’m glad to know some one some where made a giant stride towards the development of my local language! indeed you deserve commendation sir. more grease to your elbow. i’m also a linguistic student from department of african languages and culture, A.B.U Zaria Nigeria. i wish to carryout a research of comparative study between Hausa language and Kilba languge, and i need your support and advice. once more i’m happy to find this work of yours.

    1. Dear Adamu.

      Well its interesting to hear that you want to write your project on Comparative study of Hausa and Kilba Language. You have to form an idea of the area of Linguistics you want to compare. Are you going to compare their phonology, Morphology, syntax or semantics?. Well, you can get in touch with me via my email address mohammed_muazu@yahoo.com or via my phone no 08123447356.For any assistance and guidance.

      wish you the best in your write-up

      Dr.Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu
      University of Maiduguri-Nigeria

  2. salam, my name is Hindatu Alh Bukar Bama Hong. Am a student at the university of south Africa studying criminology in social work, am doing a project on the the kilba community, and stumbled on your name on the net and felt you are the right person to help me. I wanted to get a brief information about the origin of kilba. may Allah continue to help you in your endevours

    1. Dear Hindatu, Sorry for replying your letter late. will refer you to my Grammar book tittle : A Grammar of the Kilba Language. There is a section on the Historical origin of the Kilba people. It discuses migration and settlement of the Kilba people in details . the second Edition is now with a publisher.
      Best Regards
      Prof. Mu’azu

  3. I really need a copy of your book sir…coz rite now am writing a project on (morpho_ semantic of kilba names)..I know with the help of God n your book sir I can b able to write something…my project proposal is from another topic..(semantic analysis of kilba proverbs, base on time, love n logic)..is still ur book dat hlp me do dat proposal on my proposed topic…am a student in university of Maiduguri… department of languages and linguistics English…I need ur help sir

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