New publication: A History of the Hausa Language

Paul Newman is pleased to announce the publication of his book A History of the Hausa Language: Reconstruction and Pathways to the Present, Cambridge University Press (2022).

The following description can be found at the CUP website:

With more than sixty million speakers across Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon, and Ghana Hausa is one of the most widely spoken African languages. It is known for its rich phonology and complex morphological and verbal systems. Written by the world’s leading expert on Hausa, this ground-breaking book is a synthesis of his life’s work, and provides a lucid and comprehensive history of the language. It describes Hausa as it existed in former times and sets out subsequent changes in phonology, including tonology, morphology, grammar, and lexicon. It also contains a large loanword inventory, which highlights the history of Hausa’s interaction with other languages and peoples. It offers new insights not only on Hausa in the past, but also on the Hausa language as spoken today. This book is an invaluable resource for specialists in Hausa, Chadic, Afroasiatic, and other African languages as well as for general historical linguists and typologists.

Cambridge University Press

For information on purchasing or making a recommendation to your library, see


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