Publications by Herrmann Jungraithmayr

Our dear colleague, Prof. em. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr, born May 7th, 1931, has just turned 85. On this occasion, I have compiled a list of his publications (excluding book reviews written by him) which I have uploaded here. I have prepared it in three different formats:

I am sure there will be mistakes or omissions, so I will be grateful to receive your corrections.



One thought on “Publications by Herrmann Jungraithmayr”

  1. I met Herrmamn Jungraithmayr in 1967 at a conference of West African Linguistic Society held at University of Lagos, where l taught French Literature for years. I did not know that his research fields include Hausa. I was therefore delighted today to see him listed with those who taught me Hausa language, namely: Prof Dalhatu Muhammad and Prof Hambally Jinju Muhammad. I congratulate Prof Jungraithmayr on his remarkable achievements and for his 85th birthday and wish him more fruitful years on planet earth. Prof Stella(Nedjma) M.A. Johnson, FUFTAN, FNAL, Former Interim Secretary General, International Congress of African Studies (lCAS), former Secretary, Nigerian Academy of Letters (NAL).

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