Now online: Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics, 5th edition (2022)

The 5th edition of Paul Newman‘s Comprehensive Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics has been posted and is now available online:

Newman, Paul. 2022. Comprehensive Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics, 5th edition. Bloomington: IUScholarWorks. 



It includes approximately 3,500 linguistic works written on Chadic languages, of which about 2,000 are on Hausa, by far the largest and most widely spoken member of the family. The entries date from 1790 to the present. The bibliography contains published books and articles as well as unpublished Ph.D. dissertations and master’s theses.


Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics, 5th edition (2022)

Paul Newman has sent the following announcement:

I am planning on doing one final (5th) edition of the online, open access Chadic  biblio. (The 4th, which appeared in 2018, is available at

      If any of you have Hausa or Chadic books, articles, book reviews, etc. that you would like to see included in the biblio, I would be grateful if you could send me the info in the next two or three weeks at pnxxpn(at) Please send the info either as text in the body of the email itself or as a WORD attachment.

In addition to things that you yourself have written, if you are aware of other bibliographic information that you feel would be useful, please let me know. Finally, if it is not clear from the title of the publication what Chadic languages are treated, please indicate this in a note so that I can include the relevant info in the Keyword section.

New edition of the Chadic bibliography now posted

Paul Newman is pleased to announce the publication of the 4th edition of his online, open access Comprehensive Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics, Bloomington: IUScholarWorks (2018) (Link:  This is the final version of the biblio that Newman himself will be preparing.  If corrections, updates, and additions are to be provided in the future, some other scholar(s) in the Chadic-Hausa field  with bibliographic interests and expertise will have to step forward to take on responsibility for the task. Continue reading “New edition of the Chadic bibliography now posted”

Biblio Update in Progress

Our colleague Paul Newman has sent us the following notice:

The Comprehensive Chadic/Hausa Bibliography (version 3 [2015]) is available open access at IUScholarWorks  I am currently working on a new, updated and corrected version, hopefully to appear in early 2018.  If any of you have new items that you would like to include, or if you notice errors in the current version, I would be grateful if you could provide me with the appropriate information. I am particularly interested in book reviews you have written or reviews of your works that have been reviewed by others since this information often slips by unnoticed. My email address is pnxxpn at

Don’t worry about formatting: however you do things is fine with me as long as the information is full and accurate. I would, however, like to make two requests:

(1) In citing names of authors or editors, please spell out the first names rather than using initials.

(2) If titles are in languages other than English, French, or German (e.g., Polish, Italian, or Hausa) please provide an English translation.

Finally, I should mention that this is the final version of the biblio that I shall be doing. Once this version is out, I shall be putting this work aside. Whether future updates appear or not depends on whether anyone else is willing to step up and take on the task. The work is not onerous, but it is not trivial: it does require a serious commitment on someone’s part. Essential qualifications include proficiency in English, good reading knowledge of French and German, access to a good library and internet resources, familiarity with (or willingness to learn) biblio database management, and a real interest in bibliography work. If any individuals (or teams) wish to discuss the possibility of assuming this task, please drop me a note.

Paul Newman
pnxxpn at

Publications by Herrmann Jungraithmayr

Our dear colleague, Prof. em. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr, born May 7th, 1931, has just turned 85. On this occasion, I have compiled a list of his publications (excluding book reviews written by him) which I have uploaded here. I have prepared it in three different formats:

I am sure there will be mistakes or omissions, so I will be grateful to receive your corrections.


Paul Newman’s Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics (3rd edition)

Paul Newman‘s Comprehensive Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics, 3rd edition (Bloomington: IU ScholarWorks, 2015) is now posted online and available for use. This open access work can be found at <>.

This work is a corrected and greatly expanded version of the bibliography that was published initially in 2012 and then again in 2013. A significant improvement in the current edition is the addition of an index of authors of book reviews (reviews still being included together with the books being reviewed).

More bibliographic references

In the past, the printed version of Chadic Newsletter (which was discontinued in 1998) contained a section “New publications”. This section contained references to all the books and articles related to Chadic languages the editor was aware of.  In the present form of Chadic Newsletter Online, where news is spread in form of blog posts, this information could be spread much faster. The problem is: We are not always aware of everything that is published in our field. That is why we need your help!

Please don’t hesitate to send us details about your research, conference papers, publications, word lists, recordings, reviews, websites or anything else on Chadic you find interesting and want to share. On our contact page you can find more details about how to reach us.

More bibliographic references related to Chadic languages can be found in the collections of the Mega-Chad Association and also in Paul Newman’s Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics.


Paul Newman’s Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics

The latest edition of Paul Newman‘s Chadic-Hausa Bibliography (2013) is now up and available for open use at the IU [Indiana University] ScholarWorks repository. The url is:  This Version02 is a corrected and expanded version of the bibliography that was posted early in 2012 on the DEVA site at the University of Bayreuth.

The Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics (OBCHL) is an updated, expanded, and corrected edition of the bibliography published some fifteen years ago by Rüdiger Köppe Verlag (Newman 1996). That bibliography was built on valuable earlier works including Hair (1967), Newman (1971), Baldi (1977), R. M. Newman (1979), Awde (1988), and Barreteau (1993). The ensuing years have witnessed an outpouring of new publications on Chadic and Hausa, written by scholars from around the globe, thereby creating the need for a new, up-to-date bibliography.

The bibliography currently contains over 2700 main entries, dating from 1790 to 2012. A special feature, continued from the earlier printed volume, is the inclusion of book reviews along with the entry for the book in question. The bibliography is limited to works on languages and linguistics. It does not include publications concerned primarily with literature and literary analysis.

Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics

The “Online Bibliography of Chadic and Hausa Linguistics”, compiled by Professor Paul Newman of Indiana University, is a comprehensive, open access bibliography containing more than 2500 entries. The initial edition (Version 01) is now available as a searchable pdf file on the website of DEVA, Institute of African Studies, University of Bayreuth. To access the bibliography, find the baobab tree thumbnail at the bottom of the page and click on the Chadic Hausa link.

This initial Version 01 is presented in PDF format only. The goal in the future is to make the bibliography available in database format as well. Scholars using the bibliography will have the opportunity to contribute to its completeness and accuracy by submitting additions and corrections to be incorporated in subsequent editions.

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