Topics in Chadic Linguistics VI has appeared

Topics in Chadic Linguistics VI has appeared

Topics in Chadic Linguistics VI: Comparative and Descriptive Studies has appeared as volume 7 of the publication series Chadic Linguistics · Linguistique Tchadique · Tschadistik at Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. The volume was edited by Doris Löhr and Ari Awagana and contains papers from the 5th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL V) which took place in Leipzig, June 10–14, 2009. The preface informs us that:

The date of the conference and of the official retirement of Ekkehard Wolff almost coincided. Using this opportunity, scientists from the linguistic world outside Chadic turned up as well and contributed in one way or the other to this successful and delightful meeting, saying – and singing – farewell and paying tribute to a great linguist, longstanding colleague and friend.

International scholars presented 32 papers, arriving from Austria (Norbert Cyffer, Georg Ziegelmeyer), Cameroon (Richard Gravina, Adam Mahamat, A.D. Taino Kari), the Czech Republic (Václav Blažek), France (Henry Tourneux), Germany (Heike Andreas, Ari Awagana, Andreas Haida, Katharina Hartmann, Birgit Hellwig, Dymitr Ibriszimow, Peggy Jacob, Doris Löhr, Joe McIntyre, Jonathan Owens, Maria Schubert, Theda Schumann, Uwe Seibert, Henrike Stührung, Ekkehard Wolff), Hungary (Gábor Takács), Italy (Sergio Baldi), Korea (Hak Soo Kim), Nigeria (Baba Mai Bello, Muhammad Mwazu, Balarabe Zulyadaini), Norway (Harald Hammerström, Marit Lobben), Russia (Olga Stolbova, Victor Porkhomovsky), the United Kingdom (Roger Blench, Phillip Jaggar), and the USA (Roxana Ma Newman, Paul Newman).

This volume contains a selection of the given papers, reflecting current linguistic research on West Chadic (Hausa, Mwaghavul, Goemai, BoleTangale group), and Central Chadic (Buduma, Malgwa, Kotoko) languages from different angles. Topics concentrated on Chadic internal and external classification, lexicography, semantics, and oral literature.


Table of Contents:


Ari Awagana:
La lexicographie du buduma – une étude exploratoire

Sergio Baldi / Rudolf Leger:
Some diachronic obser­va­tions on gender and number in Bole-Tangale Languages

Václav Blažek:
Chadic “BROTHER” and “SISTER”

Roger Blench:
Mwaghavul pluractional verbs

Richard Gravina:
The internal classification of Chadic Biu-Mandara

Birgit Hellwig:
Lexical aspect classes in Goemai (West Chadic)

Dymitr Ibriszimow / Balarabe Zulyadaini:
Fighting friends with the scent of a bride – Wives, ‘family’ and ‘relatives’ in Hausa from a cognitive semantic point of view

Marit Lobben:
Agreement and relative topicality in the -aC causative / caused-motion and benefactive constructions in Hausa

Doris Löhr:
B∂lant∂ z∂la át∂ yáwe ‘sending an eagle up to water’ – Multiword expressions in Malgwa

Adam Mahamat:
Les differents types de contes dans la litterature orale des Kotoko de Makari

Maria Schubert:
Means of Transport – The concept of vehicle for L1 and L2 Hausa speakers

Gábor Takács:
The “Chadic Lexical Roots” and their Afro-Asiatic background II

Henry Tourneux:
La contribution de Heinrich Barth à la lexicographie du parler kotoko de Logone-Birni


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