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Glavda in Rural and Urban Contexts

Posted by useibert on Monday, October 18, 2010

Jonathan Owens has been working on documenting Glavda (Central Chadic) over the past 2 years, under an ELDP grant. He is now in the process of putting up the results at a website (link) :

  • transcribed and morphologically segmented texts
  • complete free translations of each
  • about 20% of 10 texts with interlinear glosses
  • accompanying audio files for each text

The texts are based on interviews conducted by consultants, mostly in the Ngoshe area, a few from Maiduguri. A certain degree of demographic and geographical diversity is represented in the sample, young (under 30) and old (over 50), men and women, three villages (Ngoshe, Agapalawa, Arboko).

Topics are broad: history, daily life, farming, cooking, current politics, the future of Glavda, teasing and bantering (often the interviewer knew the interviewee well), so that the texts have more than a linguistic interest, even if that is their primary focus.

Thus far 11 texts are available, the goal being 16 or 17. The entire corpus should be about 90,000 words.

More on Glavda

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