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Share your data with others !

Posted by useibert on Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recently, I have come across Lexique Pro, an interactive lexicon viewer and editor developed by SIL in Mali. It can read and display a lexicon database if it is a text file with “standard format markers”, i.e.  the kind of data produced by SIL’s Toolbox, e.g.

\lx doki
\ps n
\ge horse

The goal is sharing your data with the rest of the world:

You’ve spent years working on your dictionary, but how easy is it for others to make the most of it? Are the speakers of the language getting any benefit from it? Is it user-friendly enough for a non-linguist to look at? Are translators making the best use of it? Are partner organisations using it? Do university professors have it on their computers? Is it in local schools, government offices and cyber-cafés? Can people download it from your website? Or is it just lying on your hard disk or hidden away gathering dust in the corner of a library somewhere?

Once your dictionary is ready to share, you can upload it on your website to be viewed online or downloaded.

Lexique Pro is fairly easy to use and has some nice features, e.g. if your database includes references to image, sound or video files, these can be shown too.

I nearly forgot to tell you: Lexique Pro is freeware!

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