Chadic recordings and transcriptions at LACITO archives

Recordings and transcriptions in
Chadic and other languages can
be found at the


Recordings and transcriptions in Chadic and other languages can be found at the LACITO archives. The archive is an ongoing project of the research group “Langues et Civilisations à Tradition Orale (LACITO)” of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). Here is what the creators of the archive write about it:

The LACITO Archive provides “free access to documents of connected, spontaneous speech, mostly in “rare” or endangered languages, recorded in their cultural context and transcribed in consultation with native speakers. Its goal is to contribute to the documentation and study of a precious human heritage: the world’s languages. At present, the archive contains some 195 documents in 43 languages.

Sound recordings are available in both uncompressed (wav) and compressed MPEG I Layer 3 (mp3) formats. In order to listen to the recordings, a Media Player needs to be installed.

Unfortunately, so far, only one Chadic language — Ouldeme — is represented in the LACITO archives with a recording and transcription: Le conte de la tête ronde/ Story of the round head . In order to see the special characters, you need to have a UNICODE type font on your PC.

The creator of this resource, Véronique de Colombel, has her own webpage at LACITO, where one can find links to all her Chadic publications.


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