Festschriften and Gedenkschriften

Recently I visited the Department of African Studies in Frankfurt and saw that a new Festschrift for its former Director, Prof. Rainer Vossen, had been printed. This reminded me to post a short article on “Festschriften”  and “Gedenkschriften” here.

In the last few years a number of such publications have been published at Rüdiger Köppe Verlag.  You can find them listed here.

Among the articles in these publications there are a quite a few which deal with Hausa and other Chadic languages, e.g.

Kanuri, Borno and Beyond.  Festschrift für Norbert Cyffer. (2011):

  • Graham Furniss:
    Analysing imagery – Comments from short-form verbal art in Hausa
  • Russell G. Schuh:
    Grammatical influences of Kanuri on Chadic languages of Yobe State

Studia Chadica. Festschrift für Herrmann Jungraithmayr zum 80. Geburtstag. (2011)
In this book you find a reprint of the following articles by Herrmann Jungraithmayr:

  • 1961 Beobachtungen zur tschadohamitischen Sprache der Jegu (und Jonkor) von Abu Telfan (République du Tchad)
  • 1963 On the ambiguous position of Angas
  • 1965 Internal A in Ron plurals
  • 1968 The Hamitosemitic Present-Habitative Verb Stem in Ron and Mubi
  • 1968 Ancient Hamito-Semitic remnants in the Central Sudan
  • 1971 The Tangale vowel harmony system reconsidered
  • 1974 Perfektiv-(Kurz-)Stamm und Imperfektiv-(Lang-)Stamm im Aspektsystem osttschadohamitischer Sprachen
  • 1977 Sprachhistorische Schichtstufen im Tschadraum
  • 1978 A tentative four stage model for the development of the Chadic languages
  • 1983 On mono- and triradicality in early and present-day Chadic – How reliable are reconstructions?
  • 1987 Apocopation and Syncopation in Chadic: From the synchronic to the diachronic
  • 1991 Centre and Periphery – Chadic linguistic evidence and its possible historical significance
  • 1992 Migama – Die Sprache von Wilhelm Raabes ,Abu Telfan‘
  • 1999 The 1st person singular pronoun in Chadic
  • 2000 Grimm’s Law in Tangale
  • 2003 Altrilocality in Tangale and Tuareg – a common heritage feature?
  • 2005 Le paradigme verbal en -U dans les langues chamito-sémitiques
  • 2009 Historical Metamorphoses in Chadic

African Linguistics in the 21st Century. Essays in Honor of Paul Newman (2017):

  • H. Ekkehard Wolff, Emeritus Professor, Leipzig University:
    Vocalogenesis in (Central) Chadic languages
  • Nina Pawlak, University of Warsaw:
    ‘To be’ and ‘not to be’ in Hausa: The question of grammar and communication
  • Roxana Ma Newman, Indiana University and Philip J. Jaggar, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London:
    Paul Newman: The man and the scholar

Linguistics across Africa. Festschrift for Rainer Vossen (2018):

  • Dymitr Ibriszimow  / Balaraba Zulyadaini / Ahmad Tela Baba:
    Friendship requires visits – Hausa zumunci from a cognitive semantic point of view
  • Herrmann Jungraithmayr:
    Yibat = sányíi und andere „unmögliche“ Gleichungen im Tschadischen

Engagement with Africa. Linguistic Essays in Honor of Ngessimo M. Mutaka (2019)

  • Guillaume Guitang:
    Personal pronoun encliticization in Masa

Whenever you find time, visit the page on “Festschriften”  and “Gedenkschriften” at Köppe Verlag, you will probably find more on Hausa and Chadic there. And of course, such publications have appeared in other publishing houses, too, so there is a lot to look for and read.

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