BICCL 8 – Call for Papers

The “Permanent  Committee  of  the  International  Colloquium  on  the  Chadic  Languages” is pleased to invite you to the 8th BICCL to be held at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, on 4th, 5th and 6th February 2016, from Thursday morning through Saturday afternoon.

Please register by e-mail to:
with a copy to
Subject: 8th BICCL

Registrations should contain:

Deadline for registration: 31st March 2015.

Further details will be found in a second circular.

Feel free to share this information with interested colleagues and students.

The “Permanent Committee of the International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages” is presently represented by D. Ibriszimow (Lehrstuhl Afrikanistik II, University of Bayreuth), H. Tourneux (LLACAN – CNRS / INALCO – Villejuif / Paris and IRD Maroua, Cameroun), and E. Wolff (Institut für Afrikanistik, University of Leipzig).

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