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Topics in Chadic Linguistics VII has appeared

Posted by useibert on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Topics in Chadic Linguistics VII  has appeared as volume 8 of the publication series Chadic Linguistics · Linguistique Tchadique · Tschadistik at Rüdiger Köppe Verlag. The volume was edited by Henry Tourneux and contains papers from the 6th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, which took place in Villejuif in September 22-23, 2011.

Table of Contents:


Sergio Baldi:
Arabic loans in Bole-Tangale languages

Gian Claudio Batic:
The Bure language – an overview

Václav Blazek:
Kujarge wordlist with Chadic (Afroasiatic) cognates

Roger Blench:
Mwaghavul expressives

Bernard Caron:
Tonal inversion in Geji and Pelu

Richard Gravina:
The history of vowels and prosodies in Central Chadic

Mary Pearce:
Observations concerning the metrical systems of three Chadic languages

James Roberts:
The tone system of Mawa

Olga Stolbova:
Postvelars in Chadic – Internal reconstruction and external parallels, Part I

Alessandro Suzzi-Valli / Jules Jacques Coly:
The Makaa language – First insights

Gábor Takács:
Musgu and Masa h- vs. À and Afro-Asiatic

Henry Tourneux:
Les noms de poissons en kotoko commun

H. Ekkehard Wolff:
On the diachronics of Chadic tone systems – From pitch to tone in LamangHdi

Ulrike Zoch:
Perfectives in the Bole-Tangale languages

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