BICCL 7 — Call for Papers

The Permanent  Committee  of  the  International  Colloquium  on  the  Chadic  Languages* is pleased to announce that the 7th Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL) will be hosted at the Asien-Afrika-Institut (AAI), University of Hamburg, Germany from September 12 to September 14, 2013.

This  Colloquium  takes  place  after  those  of  Leipzig  (2001),  Prague  (2003),  Villejuif (2005),  Bayreuth  (2007)Leipzig  (2009) and Villejuif 2011, taking  up  two  discontinued  traditions  (the series  of  Leiden  1976,  Hamburg  1981,  Boulder  1987)  and  the  Franco-German meetings  in  Paris  (Groupe  d’Etudes  tchadiques,  1980  –  1997).  It  is  devoted  to  all aspects of Chadic languages and linguistics, in particular:

  • Descriptive linguistics of individual Chadic languages
  • Comparative linguistics of Chadic languages
  • Typology of Chadic languages
  • Hausa linguistics
  • The position of Chadic within Afroasiatic
  • Chadic languages in contact with non-Chadic languages
  • Oral literature in Chadic languages

Registration for the meeting should contain:

  • TITLE OF PAPER (and 1-page Abstract)
  • PLANNED DATE OF ARRIVAL (suggested Wednesday, 11th Sept.) and DEPARTURE (suggested Sunday 15th , possibly Saturday 14th)
  • INDICATION of PREFERRED ACCOMMODATION (single/double; hotel category/price)

Registrations should be addressed exclusively by e-mail to:, Subject: BICCL 2013

Extended DEADLINE for submitting title (and abstract): July 20th, 2013

Details concerning participants, programme, accommodation and organizational matters will be communicated in further circulars.

The organizers of the Abteilung für Afrikanistik und Äthiopistik / Asien-Afrika-Institut (AAI), University of Hamburg, Germany: Umma Aliyu Musa, Prof. Roland Kießling, Dr. Joseph McIntyre, Theda Schumann

Download this Announcement (PDF)


*The Permanent Committee of the International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages is presently represented by Prof. Dymitr Ibriszimow (Lehrstuhl Afrikanistik II, University of Bayreuth), Dr. Henry Tourneux (LLACAN – CNRS / INALCO, Villejuif, Paris) and Prof. (emer.) H. Ekkehard Wolff (Lehrstuhl Afrikanistik, University of Leipzig).


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