Chadic Lexical Database

“Chadic Lexical Database”  is a project run by Olga Stolbova at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow. The main goal of the project is to arrange the greater part of Chadic lexical data so far collected in kind of preliminary etymological entries. The project was presented in Prague, 2003.

Up to now three issues are available:

  • Chadic  Lexical Database Issue I: Letters L, N, NY, R. Moscow-Kaluga 2005
  • Chadic  Lexical Database Issue II: Lateral fricatives. Moscow-Kaluga 2007 (Download)
  • Chadic  Lexical Database Issue III: Sibilants and sibilant affricates, 2009 (Download)

Here is a sample entry (taken from Issue II):

A second edition of Issue III (with addenda and corrigenda) appeared in January, 2010.

Olga Stolbova has allowed us to put a PDF version of Issue II and Issue III online for download (file size ~1 MB).

For more details on the project see: O. Stolbova 2006. “Chadic Lexical Data Base: a project”, in: D.Ibriszimow (ed.), Topics in Chadic Linguistics II,  Papers from the 2nd Biennial International Colloquium on the Chadic Languages, Prague, October 11-12, 2003. Rüdiger Köppe Verlag, pp.85-104.

1. * V   `to cut (off, through), to slaughter’:    7 Sha î  `slaughter; shlachten’
(redupl.) [JgR]; C  2  Bura a  `cut up, into   pieces’ [Ann], Margi   ə `cut
(with  knife)’  [HfM:127];    3  Bana  a    `couper,  tailler,  trancher;  cut  (off,
through)’,  aa  `decouper,  depecer’  [GLBn],  FK  a    `cut,  trim’  [BlNd];  5
Podoko  a: `cut’   [JL]; 7  Mbuko  ā `cut’  Ould  — `couper’, -ar   `couper
pour qqn’ [KOu];   Gisiga -  `schneiden, schlachten; cut, slaughter’ [LkG];  9
Mulwi  i      `trancher,  couper;  cut  (off,  through)’,  Mbara  ii  `cut’  [TrMba,
Mlw];   Mnj  a `to cut’   [Mo a, p. 41] // Eg ʕ  `cut off a body-part of a person
/animal, fell trees, harvest, cut in pieces’  [EG: 415] (Pyr).
GCl *a `cut’.

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