New function: subscribe to new links

I have added a new function which you may or may not have noticed: On the right, under the heading "Getting updates", you can now choose to be notified of new links added to our growing collection of Chadic links, in two ways:

Also, the address where these links are stored has changed. I have created a new account: and have moved all the Chadic and most of the Hausa links to this new account. The former account,, will henceforth be used exclusively for links related to Hausa, including newspaper headlines etc. I found it necessary to store these links in a different place, because they are not all relevant for the scientific study of Hausa. On the other hand, they may be useful for Hausa learners and speakers, which are the target of my other weblog:

Once again, feel free — or rather: feel urged — to contribute to Chadic Newsletter Online:

  • by sending us information about your own research
  • by commenting posts
  • by adding links
  • by telling others about this resource

Wishing you success,

Uwe Seibert (a.k.a. hausaonline)


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