The modern use of Arabic script for African languages

Some work on the modern use of Arabic script for African languages (especially Hausa) has appeared recently: Andy Warren-Rothlin, ‘Script Choice, Politics, and Bible Agencies in West Africa’, The Bible Translator: Technical Papers 60.1, 50-66. Andy Warren-Rothlin, ‘Arabic script in modern Nigeria’, in Roger Blench and Stuart McGill (eds), Advances in Minority Language Research in … Continue reading “The modern use of Arabic script for African languages”

Who is who

The following people and institutions have been mentioned in our posts. Click on the names to find the posts where they have been mentioned. Click on the links – if present – following the names to find out more about them. Ahmad, Mustapha Alio, Khalil Allison, Sean (more) Anderson, Stephen C. Andreas, Heike Anyanwu, Rose-Juliet … Continue reading “Who is who”