New publication on Bura

A “Descriptive Analysis of Bura Verbs and Vocabulary” has appeared at LINCOM. The authors Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu and Fibi Balami are both graduates of General Linguistics and lecturers in the Department of Languages and Linguistics, and General Studies (GST) at the University of Maiduguri, Nigeria. The book was written during Mohammed Aminu Mu’azu’s tenure as … Continue reading “New publication on Bura”

Who is who

The following people and institutions have been mentioned in our posts. Click on the names to find the posts where they have been mentioned. Click on the links – if present – following the names to find out more about them. Ahmad, Mustapha Alio, Khalil Allison, Sean (more) Anderson, Stephen C. Andreas, Heike Anyanwu, Rose-Juliet … Continue reading “Who is who”