New publication: Linguistique et Langues Africaines (LLA) no. 7/2021

Yvonne Treis has sent the following notice:

The most recent issue of our journal contains one research article and two book reviews on Chadic languages. All contributions are available for free download here:

Le dernier numéro de notre revue contient un article et deux comptes rendus de livres sur les langues tchadiques. Toutes les contributions peuvent être téléchargées gratuitement ici :

Table of contents / Table des matières

– Keith L. Snider, Floating tone noun class prefixes in Mada (Nigeria), p. 11-41.
[CHADIC]- Henry Tourneux, Le nom du souverain dans les parlers « kotoko » du Cameroun, p. 43-62.

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus
– David Jowitt, Nigerian English, 2019 (by Bernard Caron), p. 65-67.
– James Essegbey, Tutrugbu (Nyangbo) language and culture, 2019 (by Matthew Harley), p. 69-73.
[CHADIC] – Erin Shay, en collab. avec Lazare Wambadang, A grammar of Pévé, 2020 (by Joseph Lovestrand), p. 75-79.
– Marlene Guss-Kosicka, Die Verbalsysteme des Amharischen und Tigrinischen: Eine vergleichende Analyse, 2019 (by Ronny Meyer), p. 81-87.
– Gerrit J. Dimmendaal & Rainer Vossen (éd.), The Oxford handbook of African languages, 2020 (by Aurore Montébran & Neige Rochant), p. 89-95.
– Heleen Smits, A grammar of Lumun, a Kordofanian language of Sudan, 2017 (by Nicolas Quint), p. 97-102.
– Mari C. Jones & Damien Mooney (éd.), Creating orthographies for endangered languages, 2017 (by David Roberts), p. 103-110.
– Michel Lafon & Mongezi Bolofo, Manuel de conversation français-zoulou et zoulou-français, 2021 (by Paulette Roulon-Doko), p. 111-113.
[CHADIC] – Sean Allison, A Grammar of Makary Kotoko, 2020 (by Henry Tourneux), p. 115-123.


New paper on Gizey (Masa)

A new paper on Gizey (Masa) has been uploaded at Springer Link:
Guitang, G. (2021). ‘Frozen reduplication in Gizey: insights into analogical reduplication, phonological and morphological doubling in Masa‘

The paper can be viewed here:

Afrika und Übersee now published online and open access

Afrika und Übersee, founded in 1910 by Carl Meinhof under the name Zeitschrift für Kolonialsprachen, is the oldest academic journal for African linguistics worldwide.

Since 2021, Afrika und Übersee is published online as an Open Access journal by the Abteilung für Afrikanistik und Äthiopistik in the Asien-Afrika-Institut at Universität Hamburg.

The current issue, Vol. 93 (2020), includes some articles and papers touching Chadic languages:

Download Issue 93 (2020) (PDF)

More Articles on Chadic languages online at JWAL

The editors of the Journal of West African Languages (JWAL) have continued putting PDF versions of past articles on their web site.  All articles published before 2002 are now available for free download at   Check out what is online for Chadic including Hausa.

The modern use of Arabic script for African languages

Some work on the modern use of Arabic script for African languages (especially Hausa) has appeared recently:
Further broader work in this field is also expected later this year in a Brill volume on The Arabic Script in Africa, edited by Meikal Mumin and Kees Versteegh.

New online publications on East Chadic languages

A recently completed Master’s thesis by Joseph Lovestrand, describing the basic linguistic structure of an East Chadic language, Baraïn (B3), is now available online: “The Linguistic Structure of Baraïn (Chadic)“.

Two related working papers are also available online from the same author: “Classification and description of the Chadic languages of the Guéra (East Chadic B)”  and “The Dialects of Baraïn (East Chadic).

Proceedings of the 6th World Congress of African Linguistics

Proceedings of the 6th World Congress of African Linguistics (Grafik: Koeppe-Verlag)

The Proceedings of the 6th World Congress of African Linguistics, Cologne, 17-21 August 2009 have just appeared at Koeppe-Verlag (Cologne) in the series “World Congress of African Linguistics“. The volume has about 650 pages and costs € 98,00.

A few of the articles deal with topics related to Chadic and Afroasiatic research, e.g.

Zygmunt Frajzyngier:
Coding relations between the verb and noun phrases in Afroasiatic – A sketch of typological explanations

Richard Gravina:
Vowels, consonants and prosody in two Central Chadic languages

Check what else is in the book

Studies in African Linguistics online

Studies in African Linguistics is one of the journals where a number of articles on Chadic languages and linguistics have appeared. It is now possible to read these articles online and download them. Here is what can be found:

  • Dauda Muhammad Bagari 1971. Lexical hypothesis and Hausa. PDF
  • John Bryson Eulenberg 1971. A New Look at the Predicating Particles in Hausa. PDF
  • Charles H. Kraft 1971. A note on lateral fricatives in Chadic.  PDF
  • Paul Newman 1971. The Hausa negative markers.  PDF
  • N. Pilszczikowa-Chodak 1972. Tone-vowel height correlation and tone assignment in the patterns of verb and noun plurals in Hausa. PDF
  • Russell G. Schuh 1972. Rule Inversion in Chadic.  PDF
  • Paul Newman 1973. Grades, vowel-tone classes and extensions in the Hausa verbal system.  PDF
  • William R. Leben 1974. Rule inversion in Chadic: A reply. PDF
  • William R. Leben, Dauda M. Bagari 1975. A note on the base form of the Hausa verb. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1975. The non-correlation of tone and vowel height in Hausa. PDF
  • Nina Pilszczikowa-Chodak 1975. On the correlation of tone and vowel height in Hausa.  PDF
  • Zygmunt Frajzyngier 1976. Rule inversion in Chadic: an explanation.  PDF
  • Linda Dresel 1977. Some phonological aspects of the aquisition of Hausa. PDF
  • Karen H Ebert 1977. Some aspects of the Kera Verbal Structure. PDF
  • Zygmunt Frajzyngier 1977. On the intransitive copy pronouns in Chadic. PDF
  • Patrick McConvell 1977. Relativisation and the ordering of cross-reference rules in Hausa. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1977. Chadic extensions and pre-dative verb forms in Hausa. PDF
  • Philip Jaggar 1978. And what about…?’ – topicalization in Hausa. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1979. Explaining Hausa feminines. PDF
  • Zygmunt Frajzyngier 1980. The vowel system of Pero. PDF
  • Linda Hunter 1980. Stress in Hausa: an experimental study. PDF
  • Bello Ahmad Salim 1980. A note on the Hausa voiceless labials.  PDF
  • Stephen C. Anderson, Jeanette Swackhamer 1981. From Consonants to downstep in Podoko. PDF
  • Donald A. Burquest 1981. Evidence for object-verb ordering in Chadic. PDF
  • Graham Furniss 1981. Hausa disyllabic verbs: comments on base forms and extensions. PDF 
  • Donald G. Churma 1982. Rule inversion in Chadic: a closer look. PDF
  • Russell G. Schuh 1983. Kilba equational sentences. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1984. Ethonyms in Hausa. PDF
  • Mona Lindau-Webb 1985. Hausa vowels and dipthongs. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1986. Tone and affixation in Hausa. PDF
  • Philip J Jaggar 1988. Restrictive vs non-restrictive relative clauses in Hausa: where morphosyntax and semantics meet. PDF
  • Russell G. Schuh 1989. The reality of Hausa “low tone raising”; a response to Newman & Jaggar. PDF
  • Donald A. Burquest 1989. A note on Hausa plurals. PDF
  • Paul Newman, Philip J. Jaggar 1989. Low tone raising in Hausa: a critical assessment. PDF
  • Linda Schwartz 1989. Thematic linking in Hausa assymetric coordination. PDF
  • Paul Newman 1990. Internal evidence for final vowel lowering in Hausa. PDF
  • Bernard Tranel 1994. Tone sandhi and vowel deletion in Margi. PDF
  • William R Leben 1996. Tonal feet and the adaptation of English borrowing into Hausa. PDF
  • Aaron Shryock 1997. The classification of the Masa group of languages.  PDF
  • Russell G. Schuh 2002. Palatalization in West Chadic. PDF
  • Mahaman B Attouman 2009. Emplois et valeurs des marqueurs wáy et mànà en hawsa. PDF

Articles on Chadic Languages at JWAL website

It looks like the editors of the Journal of West African Languages (JWAL) are starting to put PDF versions of past articles on their web site: For now only few articles are available for Chadic, but there may be more to come. Check out what is online.

The early beginnings of Chadic Newsletter

As we already announced, this year, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Chadic Newsletter. In 1970, Herrmann Jungraithmayr sent out the first issue of this newsletter, which continued to be produced and distributed in printed form until 1998. Uwe Seibert, one of the present editors of Chadic Newsletter Online, asked Herrmann Jungraithmayr a few questions about the early beginnings and how things developed through the years. Continue reading “The early beginnings of Chadic Newsletter”

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